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What We Do


Ticket sales, marketing, and advertising for festivals, fairs, water and theme parks, sports and all general admission events.

Presale & Advance ticket

Online, mobile, social media, retail outlets and box office.

Increase sales, advance, presale and on site, emphasizing our one-click technology.

Current data shows retail partners still produce 50% or more of advance or presale ticket programs. Additionally, research indicates people still prefer brick and mortar locations to purchase their tickets.

Marketing and Advertising

Media buy, promotions and ad production
Each event is unique. Ask us how we can exceed your expectations with our proven fun and productive promotions, advertising and marketing campaigns. Radio, TV, Billboards, Web including Social Media, Mobile, special promotions with local partners and more. EMC’s experts with 40 years of experience in your industry understand that each festival, fair, park or event is unique.

Redemption and box office systems

State of the art redemption and sales systems for your gates.

Proud of our simple, both end user friendly, ticket sale and redemption systems. No more fighting to scan tickets. Fast admission makes a great first impression. Guests spend more time in the event or park instead or standing in long lines.

Social media

Management of your social media posts and timely guest support.
We all know how important social media is nowadays. Make your social media work for you! We have professionals with the knowledge of the industry who will not only post and also answer guest’s questions or comments in a timely manner.