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What our Customers Say about EMC. 

Renaissance Entertainment Productions has worked with Steve White of Event Marketing Corporation and Walgreens Corner Box Office Program for three seasons, selling tickets to our Renaissance Faires. The Walgreens ticket sale program is a wonderful way to reach out to new audience members, EMC’s program has substantially increased our attendance at the New York, Bristol, and Original California Pleasure Faire. We have found the program to be user-friendly and would recommend Event Marketing Corporation to anyone who has a general admission event.

Linda McFeters, Producer
Renaissance Entertainment Productions.

The Greater Jacksonville Fair advance sale changing to EMC/Walgreens Corner Box Office increased sales by more than 300% this year. EMC customer service and professionalism was over the top. We would highly recommend using EMC services.

Martha Leverock
President / CEO at Greater Jacksonville Fair Assoc.

I wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for bringing the Walgreens Corner Box Office discount ticket program to the North Georgia  State Fair. I was most impressed with there being twenty seven stores in Cobb County and over 100 in the metro Atlanta area that offered the program to our customers. The program was no-hassle and we appreciate the quick turnaround on the settlement check. I look forward to working with you again in 2012!

Tod Miller
Fair Manager

EMC has worked with Local. County and State Fairs for over 30 years and have expanded our services Waterparks, Amusement Parks, Nature Parks, Special Events and Concerts. We the know how to drive event sales and store trips creating winning partnerships.

Last year we sold 1.2 million ticket in retail outlets

All our events are family orientated and are reputable events.

All Parks and Events are required to name EMC and the retail outlet on their insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 but may be more based on the event or park.

What we Provide:

·       We provide all the posters and easels to every location in the event area.

·       We provide the tickets or the company can provide should they chose to print a "come back" coupon on the back.

·       All tickets are sold on a per scan plan. You pay us for what is sold not what was distributed. We will require a count of unsold tickets at the end of the event and will provide retailer information on outlets with shortages to help identify any internal issues.

·       We generally have exclusive rights to sell at retail outlet. No other like outlet will sell tickets to event.

·       Outstanding 24/7 Customer service thru our 800 number. All outlets will have access to live representatives 24/7 as well.

·       We support the stores by reaching out to them and ensuring they have enough tickets and display materials throughout the event sales run.

The Event or Park is required to tag the retail outlet in every form of advertising be it radio, TV, social media and their web page.

Every Event or Park must have a substantial advertising budget in order generate interest and increase retail partner visibility.

Most Events or Parks sign multiyear agreements.

All tickets must be sold at the lowest or equal to the lowest price that is offered to the public by Event or Park.

For our largest Events, EMC can provide reps to visit stores and ensure that all questions are answered, materials are in place and additional materials are available to locations should the retailer allow.

The vast majority of our Events are nonprofit and support the community they serve.

Steve White 813-792-1234